Continuing Airworthiness Organisations

The Agency is responsible for the management of applications, the oversight of related certificates and the continued surveillance of EASA Part-145 maintenance organisation approvals (MOA), EASA Part-147 maintenance training organisation approvals (MTOA), EASA Part-CAMO continuing airworthiness management organisation approvals (CAMO) and EASA Part-CAO Combined Airworthiness Organisations approvals:

  • for organisations whose principal place of business is located in a third country (not being an EU Member States) OR
  • for organisations having their principal place of business in one of the EU Member States and whose oversight is reallocated to EASA pursuant to the application of Article 64 or Article 65 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 (Basic Regulation).

These activities are as follows:

  • MOA: Part-145 organisations ('Foreign', USA, Canada, and Brazil),
  • MTOA: Part-147 organisations,
  • CAMO: Part-CAMO organisations and,
  • CAO: Part-CAO organisations.

The above-mentioned organisations are managed by EASA Maintenance Organisation Oversight Section in accordance with the relevant Annexes of Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 and the associated EASA procedures.

Note: Applicants or organisations having the principal place of business in an EU Member State should initially contact the Authority designated by the Member State where the applicant/organisation’s principal place of business is located.

Relevant Legislation

Continuing Airworthiness Regulation:  see rulemaking webpages for regulation and associated AMC & GM.

Fees & Charges

The Agency is applying fees for its certification activities since 1 June 2005.

Technical Occurrence Report

To report any safety related occurrence according to the scope of the Agency, please, visit the Report an occurrence page.

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