Environmental Transparency


Empowering Passengers - EASA’s Environmental Label Programme

The aviation industry remains in the spotlight with respect to  its environmental impacts. A 2020 survey of European travellers, carried out by EASA, found that the majority of respondents overestimated the share of emissions contributed by aviation. This supports the consumer use-case for credible, trusted environmental information regarding aviation’s environmental impacts.


Sustainable growth and ‘green recovery’ are central themes at national and international levels, and as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, governments globally are emphasising the need to rebuild economies in a more sustainable way.
To support the policies listed above and address the public’s focus on aviation emissions, EASA, as a trusted and independent regulator, has launched a programme for the development of environmental labels for aviation, with the aim of informing passengers of the environmental impact of their flight options and thus support more environmentally sustainable aviation. There are three labels in development: The so-called Flight Label, Airline Label, and Aircraft Label.