Net zero CO2 emissions

In June 2019, a Sustainability Strategy for Airports was launched in Europe with a systematic approach containing practical guidance on how to achieve it [23] . As part of this strategy, over 500 European airports committed to net zero CO2 emissions47 from airport operations fully within its own control by 2050 at the latest, reducing absolute emissions to the furthest extent possible and addressing any remaining emissions through carbon removal and storage.

Airports are drafting roadmaps to identify and implement the measures and actions needed to reach net zero CO2 emissions [24] . More than 90 airports are already set to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2030, with 10 airports managed by Swedavia having already achieved this target.

47Net zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are achieved when CO2 emissions from human activities are balanced globally by CO2 removals from human activities over a specified period. Net zero CO2 emissions are also referred to as carbon neutrality.