The case for an environmental label in aviation

To support the policies listed above and address the public’s focus on aviation emissions, EASA, as a trusted and independent regulator, has launched a programme for the development of environmental labels for aviation, with the aim of informing passengers of the environmental impact of their flight options and thus support more environmentally sustainable aviation. There are three labels in development: The so-called Flight Label, Airline Label, and Aircraft Label.

European citizens not only want to learn more about the effect their travel might have on the environment, they also want to be in a position to make a choice and therefore be empowered to make a difference.

EASA initiated a survey in 2019 with feedback received up until 2020. Responses from over 9,500 participants from 18 European Countries gave some clear pointers. The overarching response:

Passengers lack awareness but are keen to know more

Only  5% are aware how much CO2 they use when they travel by air

80% would like to get environmental information for flights they take

3 out of 4 would welcome an Environmental Label