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A.6 - What are the transition rules for Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153?


Applicability of Implementing Regulation 2019/2153  i.a.w. Implementing Regulation 2019/2153, Article 21:

a. New applications received after 1 January 2020

b. Ongoing projects subject to annual flat fees, oversight tasks (surveillance fee), continued airworthiness activities (annual fees) etc.: as from the first billing cycle after 1 January 2020

c. Working hours performed after 1 January 2020

d. Tasks previously charged on hourly basis for which flat fees are applicable as of the entry into force of the new regulation (surveillance fees):  as from 1 January 2020

e. Annual indexation: as from 1 January 2021

f. In the cases referred to in Table 5 and Table 6 of Part I of the Annex as well as in respect of organisation approval fees and device qualification approval fees referred to in Table 14 of Part I of the Annex, fees and charges relating to applications ongoing at the entry into force of Implementing Regulation 2019/2153 shall be calculated according to Part II of the Annex until completion of the tasks resulting from those applications.

g. Travel costs for missions started after 1 January 2020 shall be charged based on the provisions of the new regulation.

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