Suspected unapproved parts

Article 4(4) of Regulation (EU) 376/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council tasks EASA with the establishment of a mandatory reporting system. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1018 specifies that one of the occurrences which are subject to reporting is ‘the use of products, components or materials, from unknown, suspect origin, or unserviceable critical components’ – SUP.

Note: For simplification of the text of this SIB and for consistency with the term SUP, this SIB describes products, parts, components or appliances as ‘parts’.

Reported SUP cases cannot always be resolved by EASA and the National Aviation Authorities, mainly due to the lack of required information, e.g. when

  • A SUP with an allegedly forged EASA Form 1 comes from a non-EU maintenance organisation, supplier or distributor and it is difficult to obtain feedback from the local aviation safety authority;
  • The origin of the SUP is impossible to determine;
  • An allegedly forged EASA Form 1 has been sent to a potential buyer of a part (not in the supply chain yet) for pre-assessment, indicating that an SUP case might exist for the concerned part;
  • A part was unlawfully removed, e.g. from a maintenance facility, and it can be expected that it will appear on the market with forged documentation or untraceable history.

SUP information provided on this website aims at raising awareness of European aviation industry of SUP that they might encounter.

To this end, EASA has published a list of unresolved SUP cases.

It is being maintained and updated based on information available, responses received from the European aviation industry. The cases confirmed as not SUP, will be removed from the list. The update frequency is every 3 months.

Please consult the SIB 2017-13R1 for more details.