What I need to care about: “At all times”

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Do I still have to cover my face if I sneeze?

Can I take my sanitiser gel on-board?

What happens if I don’t follow the preventive measures in place?

Are the preventive measures binding or just recommendations?

It is safe to take a flight?

What is meant by a “medical face mask”?

And what is meant by “Non-medical face mask”?

Will I be able to get new medical face masks at the airport?

I did not have time to wash my hands, what should I do?

If I am wearing gloves, do I need to disinfect them or throw them away?

Do I have to wear a mask?

Where can I throw away a used face mask?

How will I know what preventive measures are being applied to my particular journey?

I am planning my holidays, where can I find the travel restrictions that apply for various countries ?

Can EU countries impose quarantine for passengers that arrive at their airports?

What happens if the airline I fly with is not following the recommendations such as medical face masks for example?

Which masks are allowed?

Do we have to keep physical distance at the airport?

I am travelling with children and/or an elderly person with breathing problems, do they have to wear a medical face mask?

How long should I wear a medical face mask for?

What are ‘very high-risk countries or areas with community circulation of Variants of Concern (VOCs)’ and where can I get information?

I am fully vaccinated, do I need to comply with preventive measures from airlines and airports?

At what stage in the journey do I need to show my digital certificate?

What information is available for passengers regarding preventive measures?