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What does the Continuity requirement imply and how is Continuity calculated?


‘Continuity’ means the probability that a system will perform its required function without unscheduled interruption (e.g. system failure). 
In practice, the Continuity of the ADS-B out system should be assessed with common industry methods. In particular:
  • The assessment should encompass all equipment contributing to the ADS-B function and not just the transponder.
  • The reliability of each component contributing to the function (e.g. transponder, control panels, position and velocity source) has to be considered,
  • The probability of failure of the power source failure has to be considered,
  • Common modes have to be considered.
In case of multiple sources or systems, a temporary indicated loss allowing the pilot to switch from one source or ADS-B system to the other is acceptable and not considered as a continuity event.
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