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Should a change to type design installing ADS-B out capability be classified as Minor or Major?


Due to the ‘major’ failure effect associated to ADS-B Integrity and Continuity conditions (due to potential disrupting effects at ATC level) and the novelty of the function and potential extension of the operational capabilities, the changes that use CS-ACNS are expected to be classified as Major.

However, changes using only AMC 20-24 may be classified as Minor if certain conditions are met:

  • The transponder is ETSO-2C112b approved and complies with the requirements of ED-102/DO-260 or DO-260A, and
  • The GNSS receiver is approved under any of ETSO C-129A, TSO C-129, TSO C-129A, ETSO C-145/C-146, or TSO C-145A/C146A, and
  • The interface between the transponder and GNSS received is direct (no routing through other equipment).
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