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Why is there a difference in the requirements on the responsibility for undertaking assessment of previous competence in ATCO.B.010(b) compared with ATCO.B.001(d) and ATCO.B.005(e) and how should the difference be interpreted? Some say that the assessment could be conducted by a unit training organisation, while others are of the opinion that the assessment and if needed, additional rating training is to be done by an initial training organisation.


The purpose of not referring to initial training organisations in ATCO.B.010(b) is to leave some flexibility and to allow the possibility also for a unit training organisation to perform the assessment. Recognising that in most cases an initial training organisation would be in best position to perform the assessment of previous competence, it needs to be taken into consideration that training for rating endorsements is often conducted by unit training organisations. As the privileges of the rating endorsements are associated with the rating in question, the unit training organisation could also be suited to evaluate the previous competence. In any case, in accordance with AMC1 ATCO.B.010(b) the assessment should be based on the requirements set out in Part ATCO, subpart D, Sections 2 (initial training requirements).

Having considered the above mentioned, the competent authority should evaluate, which  training organisation under its supervision is eligible to perform the assessment of previous competence taking into account amongst others the requirements of AMC1 ATCO.B.010(b).

The result of the assessment of previous competence may evidence that there is a need for a training ‘course’ to recuperate an adequate level of skills to enable the applicant starting unit training. In this case, it is up to the Training Organisation performing the assessment to decide what the training needs are depending on the results of the assessment of previous competence. This may also include Initial Training, if the gaps identified so require.

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