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How to distinguish between a ‘commercial’ SPO operator and a ‘non-commercial’ SPO operator?

Are we a ‘complex’ or ‘non-complex’ operator considering the fact that we have five FTEs and four types of non-complex helicopters?

Can I use third-country registered aircraft for my SPO operations?

We operate a helicopter that is Annex II aircraft according to the Basic Regulation. How should we continue to conduct SPO now? Do we need any exemption?

Why may a SPO operator not carry on board passengers on an aerobatic flight?

Now, thanks to Art. 6 (8) of Reg. (EU) 965/2012, I operate non-commercially a twin turbo-propeller aircraft below 5.7 t MCTOM in accordance with Part-NCO. May I also carry out non-commercial specialised operations with the same aircraft under Part-NCO?

Is it permissible for me to determine myself whether the operations I conduct are eligible for the alleviation of SPO.GEN.005 (c)?

What do the terms ‘marginal activity’, ‘direct cost’, ‘annual cost’ and ‘organisation created with the aim of promoting aerial sport or leisure aviation’ mean?

Are we high-risk or non-high-risk commercial specialised operator?

Do I need two authorisations, if the lists of high-risk commercial SPO of different Member States differ?

What is the meaning of "applicable national flight time limitation legislation" in Article 8 (4) of regulation 965/2012?

My SPO operations fall under Part-SPO. What type of certification shall I expect from my competent authority – AOC or other type?

Who must submit a declaration?

Is the skydiving activity itself under the scope of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012?

Can I fly an aeroplane for commercial parachute dropping operation with my PPL (A)?

Is 'MOPSC' (Maximum Operational Passenger Seating Configuration') applicable in case of parachute dropping, where only task specialists are carried?

How is a ramp inspector supposed to know the nature of a particular SPO flight (commercial or non-commercial)?

If I hold an AOC and want to perform SPO activities (commercial and non-commercial) with the same aircraft registered on my AOC, do I have to submit a declaration too?

Must an operator holding specific approvals (SPAs) for its CAT operations apply for the same SPAs when it also conducts specialised operations?

Is it allowed to perform specialised operations with a permit-to-fly or is a CofA mandatory at all times?

Can we integrate the processes for a permission under Part-SERA and with high-risk authorisation (HRA) under Part-ARO?

Can we integrate the processes for a permission under Part-SERA and with high-risk authorisation (HRA) under Part-ARO?

Can I carry out ‘limited operations’ with aircraft having FC/PtF for NCO ?

Does Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 also apply to third-country operators that conduct specialised operations in an EU Member State?