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Must an operator holding specific approvals (SPAs) for its CAT operations apply for the same SPAs when it also conducts specialised operations?


Specific approvals (SPA) for mixed operations - Reference: Reg. (EU) No 965/2012 on air operations: ARO.OPS.200(b)

Duplications should be avoided whenever possible. However, a separate SPA approval might be needed if:
(a)    for its specialised operations the operator has a different training programme or has different operating procedures;
(b)    the validity of the SPA included in the OPSSPECS has expired; or
(c)    for its specialised operations the operator will use aircraft that are not included in its AOC and for which it does not have any SPA yet.

The operator does not have to duplicate in its operations manuals the procedures and training for the SPA used for SPO when they are the same as the ones used for CAT operations; a cross-reference, specified in its operations manual, to the place where the training and operating procedures are already detailed, is enough.


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