Applications for TCO a Authorisation

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Who has access to the EASA TCO web-interface?

What is the responsibility of the operator’s focal point the so-called TCO Master User?

How do we get our EASA TCO authorisation document when the authorisation process is completed?

Where can I find the TCO technical specifications associated with my TCO authorisation?

What is the "TCO authorisation number" mentioned on the TCO authorisation?

What are the technical requirements needed to access the EASA TCO web interface?

Will Member States or EASA be responsible for the authorisation of special approvals, e.g. for Low Visibility Operations (LVO)?

Is there any effect on an operator who applies for a TCO authorisation if an EASA Member State is not ICAO compliant with a specific ICAO standard?

Are EU Member States involved in related processes?

How can we obtain operating permits for commercial operations to EASA Member States?

Which aircraft should be notified in the TCO Web Interface as part of our TCO application?

We have applied for an EASA TCO Authorisation, but it has not yet been granted. Can we operate to the EU before we have received an EASA TCO authorisation?

What is the difference between the EASA TCO Authorisation and an operating permit issued by an EASA member State?

Which information must an air operator provide during the administrative TCO application?

Where do I find the TCO application form?

How do I submit my technical data?

How do I get access to the EASA TCO web-interface?

Can you explain the steps involved in the TCO application process, beginning with how the carrier should initiate contact to apply, through to the issuance of the TCO authorisation?

How much in advance should an application for TCO authorisation be submitted before the intended starting date of our EU operations?

How can I submit my application form?