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Will Member States or EASA be responsible for the authorisation of special approvals, e.g. for Low Visibility Operations (LVO)?


When an operator receives the TCO authorisation from EASA, the authorisation is accompanied by technical specifications. Normally, EASA will authorise the operator to perform all types of operation for flights to the EU, for which the operator holds an approval from its competent authority (e.g. LVO, EDTO, PBN, DG). Where necessary, EASA will exclude certain operations, by means of a technical limitation. The scope of the TCO authorisation can never exceed the scope of operations approved in the underlying air operator certificate (AOC) (Operations Specifications) issued by the competent authority of the operator.

Whenever there is a difference between the operations specifications associated to AOC and the specification associated to scope and privileges granted in the TCO Authorisation, the more limiting specification one should apply (AMC1 TCO200(b)).

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