Information on the transition of MMEL/OEB Reports to OSD

Transition from JAA/EASA MMEL/OEB Reports to Operational Suitability Data (OSD)

With the entry into force of Commission Regulation (EU) No 69/2014 on 18 February 2014 the concept of Operational Suitability Data (OSD) was implemented, integrating operational evaluation elements into the certification design process as foreseen in the Basic Regulation.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 69/2014 introduces Article 7a of Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012.

Paragraph 3 of Article 7a states: "Operational Evaluation Board reports and master minimum equipment lists issued in accordance with JAA procedures or by the Agency before the entry into force of this Regulation [18 February 2014] shall be deemed to constitute the operational suitability data approved in accordance with point 21.A.21(e) of Annex I (Part 21) and shall be included in the relevant type-certificate. Before 18 June 2014 the relevant type-certificate holders shall propose the Agency a division of the operational suitability data in mandatory data and non-mandatory data."

The transition of MMEL/OEB Reports will be completed with the inclusion in the applicable Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), the MMEL/OEB Reports concerned will be withdrawn from the EASA website, and associated OSD documents will be held by the manufacturer (TC/STC holder). It is important to note that the TCDS will not be revised to indicate the latest revision of the MMEL/OEB Report but will indicate the first OSD revision followed by “or later approved revisions” or similar statement.

As per point 21.A.62, 21.A.108 and 21.A.120B  of Annex I (Part 21) the holder of the type-certificate, restricted type-certificate supplemental type-certificate or holder of the minor change approval shall make available at least one set of complete operational suitability data and any changes to the operational suitability data to all known EU operators of the aircraft, before the operational suitability data must be used by a training organisation or an EU operator as well as , on request to:

  1. the competent authority responsible for verifying conformity with one or more elements of this set of operational suitability data; and
  2. any person required to comply with one or more elements of this set of operational suitability data.’;

Operators, training organisations or competent authorities currently using the EASA MMEL/OEB Reports webpages as a reference are encouraged to liaise with the relevant (S)TC holders to ensure appropriate access to the OSD and future revisions.

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