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How would it be possible to obtain information about Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoCs) to the requirements of Regulation 2015/340 used by other Member States?


States are obliged to inform EASA only if they adopt AltMoCs, those will then be treated according to the procedure set out in the rule.

To support Member States in the uniform application of the provision in question, EASA has created a webpage on its website to include information on AMC and AltMoCs, including a form to be used to notify the Agency.

Said website clearly disclaimed that EASA maintains this list of AltMoCs notified to it by the competent authorities of the Member States ('CAs') for purely information purposes, at the request of the CAs. The content may be subject to changes at any time without prior notice.  This material is amongst others not professional advice, or any form of assessment, judgement or acceptance by EASA.

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