Opinion No 01/2022

Large aeroplane tyre pressure monitoring | Helicopter ditching and water impact occupant survivability | Conversion of Class D compartments

The objectives of Opinion No 01/2022 are the following: 

  1. Regarding large aeroplane tyre pressure monitoring (RMT.0586), to decrease the risk of hazardous or catastrophic tyre failures of large aeroplanes caused by inadequate tyre inflation pressure. 
  2. Regarding helicopter ditching and water impact occupant survivability (RMT.0120), to mitigate the safety risks linked to the operation of helicopters over water for extended periods of time. 

    The proposed amendments that stem from these two rulemaking tasks are expected to increase safety without any significant economic impact, and with no environmental or social impact. 

  3. Regarding the conversion of Class D compartments, to exempt operators of certain in-service large aeroplanes used for business operations from the requirement to convert the Class D compartments of these aeroplanes, as introduced by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1159 on the introduction of new additional airworthiness requirements. 

    The proposed amendment would ensure that the requirement is proportionate and cost-efficient. It would also increase harmonisation with the equivalent FAA regulation.