Opinion 15/2016

Terrain awareness warning systems operation in instrument flight rules and visual flight rules, and terrain awareness warning systems for turbine-powered aeroplanes of less than 5 700 kg maximum certified take-off mass able to carry six to nine passengers

This Opinion addresses a safety issue related to terrain awareness warning systems (TAWSs).

There are three safety recommendations (SRs) related to the Opinion: ITAL-2009-001, SPAN-2012-010, and FRAN-2009-009. ITAL-2009-001 states that TAWSs would have reduced the probability of occurrence of the aircraft accident, similarly to SPAN-2002-010, and FRAN-2009-009 proposes to require operators to develop a policy and procedures for the use of a TAWS dependent on the flight rules (instrument flight rules (IFR)/visual flight rules (VFR)).

The specific objective is to reduce the probability of accidents categorised as a controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) for turbine-powered airplanes having a maximum certified take-off mass (MCTOM) of less than 5 700 kg and a maximum operational passenger seating configuration (MOPSC) between six and nine.

This Opinion proposes a regulatory change to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012. The proposal affects newly manufactured aeroplanes performing commercial air transport (CAT) operations by requiring them to be equipped with a TAWS.

The proposed changes are expected to increase safety by further reducing CFIT-related accidents.