Opinion 06/2019

Amendment of Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 laying down requirements on data link services for the SES: Update of references — ED-120

The objective of this Opinion is to provide regulatory clarity and alignment with the latest ICAO documents and industry standards on the operational usage of Downlink Message (DM) 89 ‘MONITORING’, while ensuring a negligible impact on data link installations that already comply with Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009. 

This Opinion updates the reference to EUROCAE ED-120 ‘Safety and Performance Requirements Standard For Initial Air Traffic Data Link Services In Continental Airspace’ within Annex III to Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 on data link services (DLS) to take into account the recent ED-120 Change 3. Change 3 removed the use of DM 89 ‘MONITORING’, thus aligning the operational approaches for ‘Air Traffic Data Link Services in Continental Airspace’ as specified in ED-120 with those published within the latest EUROCAE B2 data link standards and the ICAO Global Operational Data Link (GOLD) Manual.

In addition to reflecting in Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 the updated ED-120, including Change 1, Change 2 and Change 3, this Opinion also permits the option for the use of ED-120, including Change 1 and Change 2. However, the option is only proposed to be applicable for aircraft operators to provide flexibility, while for ATS providers this proposal ensures alignment with the recommendations stemming from various documents to remove the use of DM 89 ‘MONITORING’. Therefore, for ATS providers the proposal is to refer to the latest ED-120 standard, including Change 1, Change 2 and Change 3. 

This Opinion has no negative impact on the existing ground and airborne data link installations that currently comply with Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009.