Infographics for Drones


These infographics cover the main aspects you need to be aware of to operate your drone safety and in line with the rules:

  • You are responsible for every flight – follow the rules and your drone’ instructions manual
  • You must register as a drone operator.
  • Complete the online training and tests
  • Always keep your drone in sight 
  • Do not fly above 120 metres (400 feet)
  • Keep the right distance from people and property
  • Stay away from airfields, airports and aircraft
  • Check where you are allowed to fly
  • Know how to fly your drone
  • Prepare your drone for every flight
  • Respect people’s privacy
  • Fly your drone safely and responsibly

You are welcome to download the infographics and display them as posters or on screens, in your place of business, or wherever you can safely inform drone users and the public of safety related to drones.