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Part-145: General

Is Part-M applicable to approved Part-145 organisations?

What does the term ‘occasional’ mean in 145.A.75(c)?

How to easily update the “EASA Form 1 – MF/145 Issue 2” to “EASA Form 1 – MF/CAO/145 Issue 3”?

How did you install a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment without EASA form-1? How do you arrange Part-145 side actually?

Quality system

Does the Part-145 or Part-CAO quality system need to be subject to monitoring?

Certification of maintenance

With respect to blend out repairs, is it required to record the depth and area dimensions of material removed during a blend out repair or is it sufficient to simply record that the damage has been repaired as per the SRM?

Can the subcontractor of a Part-145 or Part-CAO organisation release maintenance?

Release to service of NDT tasks by Part-145 or Part-CAO organisations

Maintenance data

Shall the maintenance data be available and controlled at all times, even if there is no maintenance work going, or shall it be available only during the performance of maintenance?

Personnel requirements

Can a certification maintenance requirement (CMR) be performed by the Flight Crew before flight?

What is the meaning of the Protected Rights in the Appendix IV to Part-145?

What are the training requirements for personnel within a Part-145 organisation, other than those contained in Part-66?