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Can a certification maintenance requirement (CMR) be performed by the Flight Crew before flight?


Normally the flight crew should not release CMR task unless that task is included in a “repetitive pre-flight airworthiness directive” under the conditions of 145.A.30(j)(3), M.A.606(h)(1) or CAO.A.040(c)(1)

In case of aircraft operated away from a supported location, the provisions of 145.A.30(j)(4), M.A.606(h)(2) or CAO.A.040(c)(2) could be used for CMRs as long as all the applicable conditions are met. In particular:

  • sufficient practical training has been carried out.
  • there is a procedure in the Maintenance Organisation Exposition, Maintenance Organisation Manual or Combined Airworthiness Exposition (CAE).

the task is considered “minor maintenance or a simple check” (AMC 145.A.30(j)(4) point 2(i) or AMC M.A.606(h)(2) point 2).

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