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How to easily update the “EASA Form 1 – MF/145 Issue 2” to “EASA Form 1 – MF/CAO/145 Issue 3”?


Purpose of the FAQ

This FAQ is intended to recommend the industry and national competent authority (NCA) an easy way to implement the ‘EASA Form 1 Issue 3’, applicable from 24.03.2020, by the Maintenance organisations.

Description of the issue

The Regulation (EU) 2019/1383 updated the Appendix II to Annex I (Part-M) — Authorised Release Certificate — EASA Form 1 by changing the footer of the form in order to add the reference of the Part-CAO.

Some organisations may still have in stock hardcopies of EASA Form 1 Issue 2.

In such case, due to the fact that there is no change in the content of the EASA Form 1 or/and in its completion methodology, for the Part-145 and Part-M, Subpart F approved organisations, the change can be done by:

  • crossing out the footer in an ‘EASA Form 1 – MF/145 Issue 2’ and replacing it by ‘EASA Form 1 – MF/CAO/145 Issue 3’; or 
  • accompanying the Form 1 with a communication explaining that the footer should be read  as ‘EASA Form 1 – MF/CAO/145 Issue 3’ in accordance with the MOE/MOM procedure; or 
  • by other means acceptable to the NCA.
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