Airspace Usage Requirements - PBN (Performance-based navigation)

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What is the geographical scope of the PBN IR? In what airspace does the Regulation apply?

Can conventional navigation procedures be used after 6 June 2030?

Is EGNOS the only SBAS to be considered for the implementation of RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima?

Does the PBN IR require the publication of SBAS approach procedures down to CAT I minima (LPV-200)? Are higher LPV minima acceptable?

Are CAT I approach procedures to be based solely on SBAS as from 6 June 2030? Can landing systems (ILS/GLS) still be used to enable CAT I approach operations after the deadline?

Are helicopter-only procedures required at heliports?

Are specific approach procedures for helicopters (CAT H approach procedures) required by the PBN IR?

How does the repeal of COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 716/2014 impact the implementation of PBN in the single European sky?