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Are specific approach procedures for helicopters (CAT H approach procedures) required by the PBN IR?


It should be noted that helicopters may approach down to instrument runways by using instrument approach procedures designed for CAT A aeroplanes. Additionally, at the same runway where aeroplanes operate, specific procedures designed for helicopters and designated as CAT H may be available. Where helicopter-only procedures (CAT H) are available to approach a runway, these are normally designed and authorised for airspeeds lower than those established for Category A aeroplanes to take advantage of helicopter capabilities. In those cases, Category H procedures should not be promulgated on the same charts as joint helicopter/aeroplane procedures.

When helicopters operate down to the same instrument runways as aeroplanes, the corresponding flight procedures (CAT A or CAT H) are addressed by the PBN IR and should be compliant by the 2020 or the 2024 deadline, as applicable.

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