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Are CAT I approach procedures to be based solely on SBAS as from 6 June 2030? Can landing systems (ILS/GLS) still be used to enable CAT I approach operations after the deadline?


As the PBN IR requires exclusive use of PBN after 6 June 2030, SBAS will be the normal means to enable approach operations to CAT I minima. A minimum number of the existing instrument landing systems (ILS) will continue to enable operations to CAT I minima in the event of PBN contingencies, which, in this case, refer to situations where, for unexpected reasons beyond the control of ATM/ANS service providers, SBAS approaches are no longer available.

GBAS landing systems (GLS) CAT I procedures are out of the scope of the PBN IR, since they are neither PBN nor conventional approach procedures; hence, GLS CAT I procedures can be used in normal conditions and without limitations after 6 June 2030.

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