Get a Part-66 licence

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What are the Part-66 licence categories?

How to get an EASA Part-66 Licence (Category B1 or B2)?

How can I apply for an EASA Part-66 licence? What is required at the time of the application?

Who is allowed to issue EASA Part-66 licences? Can I apply for a Part-66 licence to EASA?

I want to work in an organisation located within the EU. Do I need a Part-66 licence?

I am a colour-blind. Does this prevent me from getting a Part-66 licence or exercising my licence privileges?

Does EASA plan to propose changes to the implementing regulation to establish specific adaptations applicable to persons with learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity,…) who wish to undertake aircraft maintenance training in a Part-147 approved training organisation as required to apply for Part-66 licenses?

How can I get a Part-66 licence valid in the EU by conversion?