Airworthiness review

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Can an airworthiness review certificate (ARC)/recommendation be issued after an airworthiness review with open findings?

Can the extension of an ARC be anticipated more than 30 days?

Can an Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS) perform an airworthiness review on an aircraft in which he/ she had released some maintenance as Certifying Staff (CS)?

Can the airworthiness review certificate (ARC) of the Part-M aircraft be extended during the extensive maintenance/long term storage?

Is an aircraft considered to be in controlled environment at the end of the ARC validity when that aircraft was received by the CA(M)O during the 90/30 days anticipation of the ARC issue/extension performed by the preceding CA(M)O?

Are EASA Forms 1 required during the import in the EU of an aircraft subject to Part-M?