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Are EASA Forms 1 required during the import in the EU of an aircraft subject to Part-M?


For the import of an aircraft in the EU under Part-M regime, the provisions of M.A.904 require the accomplishment of an airworthiness review in accordance with point M.A.901.

Note: AMC M.A.904(a)(2) defines specific elements to be considered for imported aircraft.

However, when performing the airworthiness review of an imported aircraft in accordance with point M.A.901 and its AMC, it may happen that ‘AMC M.A.901(k)’ is not fully satisfied in which certain components subject to the review may not hold an EASA Form 1 (or equivalent under a bilateral agreement) In such a case, other component releases to service or serviceable tags may be acceptable for the competent authority of the importing Member State.

Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the information required by M.A.305(c) and (d) related to the status of ADs, life accumulated by life-limited parts and time-controlled components, modifications and repairs is available.

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