FAQ n.48249

What kind of alternative (other than escalation) or additional instructions can be introduced in the AMP?


For guidance on the escalation of AMP task intervals, please refer to FAQ no.48248.

Examples of alternative/additional instructions to the Design Approval Holder’s (DAH) Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA) are listed below [see point (7) of AMC M.A.302(d):

1. De-escalation of task intervals (i.e. ‘more restrictive intervals’). Regardless of the source of the task, this may be eligible to indirect approval [see FAQ n.19061].

2. Additional scheduled maintenance tasks selected by the operator on voluntary basis (e.g. operator policy for interiors), or manufacturer recommendations outside ICA (e.g. Service Letter) linked to product improvements or maintenance practices... Depending on their nature, those tasks may be added, changed and deleted through the indirect approval [see FAQ n.19061].


Additional and de-escalated tasks may originate from the reliability programme as indicated in point (4) of AMC M.A.302(g).

3. Concerning changes in task type (e.g. from General Visual Inspection to Detailed Inspection, or from Operational Check to Functional Check), by analogy with the escalation [see FAQ no.48248] EASA recommends that for safety-related tasks such changes are directly approved by the competent authority. For non-safety related tasks, the competent authority may accept an indirect approval.

For Part-ML aircraft, the principles of the AMP development are described in FAQ n.43423.

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