Sailplane Rule Book published

Jannes Neumann • 26 March 2019
in community General Aviation

The Sailplane Rule Book has been published as part of EASA's Easy Access Rules series. 

The current version of the Rule Book contains the recently adopted rules for the operation of sailplanes (AirOps) and the airworthiness requirements for sailplanes (CS-22). Future versions will also contain the sailplane pilot licensing rules (Part-SFCL), that have been submitted to the EU commission for its adoption recently.

Both elements, operations and pilot licensing, were originally covered together with all other categories of aircraft by two regulations. The regulations consist of thousand of pages of which only a few address sailplanes. The glider and balloon community reached out to EASA and highlighted the complexity of the regulatory framework. In consequence, EASA took those parts back to the drawing board with the aim of working together with the two communities in order to produce stand-alone regulations for balloons and sailplanes.

As a result of the joint effort of air sport federations, industry, national authorities, and EASA, new dedicated regulations for the Air Operation with balloons and sailplanes have been published following their adoption by the EU Commission. Both regulations are tailored to the respective activity, less complex, more flexible, and proportionate to the low complexity of balloon and sailplane operations. The onerous air operator’s approval for commercial operation has been replaced by a declarative system.

Air OPS Regulation (EU) 2018/1976 for sailplanes was published in December 2018 and will apply from 9 July 2019. The regulation along with the respective AMC & GM is available as Sailplane Rule Book for easy access, now:

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