EASA GA Roadmap

3 February 2021

After the success of the first GA Roadmap, EASA launched GA Roadmap 2.0 following the EASA Annual Safety Conference in 2018. The second version builds on the previous work and covers a number of key strategic activities for GA. This is page to find all the latest updates about the Roadmap and it's main activities. 

The GA Roadmap 2.0 – the second phase of the GA roadmap – contains important strategic priorities that will help to ensure a  safe and sustainable future for GA in Europe. 

  • A continuing priority for General Aviation: GA will remain high priority for EASA. The Agency will provide progress information at the EASA Safety Conference on General Aviation which takes place every 4 years – the next one is due in 2022.
  • Net Safety Benefit: EASA will establish a policy on the net safety benefit approach that enables some flexibility in the introduction of new safety technologies in General Aviation.
  • Embracing new business models: EASA will adapt its regulatory requirements to facilitate the introduction of new business models; 
  • Adapt design and production rules: EASA will use the provisions of its new Basic Regulation to simplify Part 21 requirements for the design and production of General Aviation;
  • GA goes digital: EASA will coordinate the development of innovative technical solutions that will provide cockpitaccessible real-time aeronautical and flight data.
  • Share General Aviation Safety Culture: EASA is extending its existing General Aviation community platform to include Safety Promotion material.

The successes of EASA's GA Roadmap so far

In the year since the GA Roadmap 2.0 was released, we have already recorded several key achievements:

  • The VFR into IMC project involving 12 GA pilots taking part in flight simulator sessions has resulted in interesting and engaging Safety Promotion material.
  • New Safety Promotion strategy developed under the banner of “Together4Safety” - The Sunny Swift series continues to provide monthly information on important GA safety issues in 24 languages.

Previous achievements

  • GA pilot training streamlined
  • Balloon and sailplane specific operating rules were simplified and issued
  • Adoption of CS-STAN simplifying changes and repairs to GA aircraft
  • Simpler rules for the operation of non-commercial aircraft
  • EASA Basic Regulation adopted to provide a new level of flexibility in Rulemaking.

Many other activities of the GA Roadmap are under development and will be implemented in the coming year. Owners of light aircraft can now benefit from Part-ML (Part-M light) improvements to the maintenance rules. Part-ML was adopted by the European Commission in 2019 and is applicable as of 24 March 2020. Other activities include simplified rules on IFR flying and a more pro-active approach to Safety Promotion for the GA Community.

More information on important GA Roadmap initiatives

You can find out more about different GA Roadmap initiatives by clicking the links below: 

  • Easier access to instrument flying (Basic Regulation Rating). 
  • Operational and flight crew licencing requirements. 
  • Simpler, better and cheaper rules for aircraft maintenance (Part M Light). 
  • Part-66 Licences for GA aircraft mechanics.
  • Aircraft repairs and changes made easy (CS-STAN). 
  • Simplified design and manufacturing (Part 21 Light). 
  • Sunny Swift.