Aeronautical Decision Making

3 February 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing us all in so many different ways and more than ever it's important that you take some time to look after your own Wellbeing. In a collaboration with organisations from across Europe we have collected lots of useful information to help support you during this crisis. 

The importance of wellbeing

As a pilot your ability to perform to your best is affected by our Wellbeing as individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many new challenges. The fundamental personal challenges associated with wellbeing are not new and will remain important after the pandemic is over. If there is ever a time to think hard about our own wellbeing and that of others - now is that time.

Our mindset will play a key role in determining how the Covid-19 crisis impacts us. If we can see ourselves as having some control over our own lives, rather than being helpless in the face of the crisis, we have a chance of emerging into a post-viral world in better shape. Even in these challenging times there are plenty of things we can control.

Purpose of the Wellbeing Guide

The guide was developed to help you improve your personal wellbeing. Through this process, it should also help those with whom you socialize and work. We are critically dependent on each other in both a wellbeing and a safety sense. It describes the idea of wellbeing and offers some simple tools, based on some fundamental psychological concepts, which allow each one of us to make decisions and take actions that will maintain or improve our state of wellbeing.

The starting point is to ask yourself 3 questions every day:

My Wellbeing

Answering these questions honestly opens the door to the toolkit and starts your journey to a more resilient state and an improved state of wellbeing. The toolkit can and should be used on a daily basis and not just in times of crisis. By following the process you will become more self-reliant and feel more in control of your feelings, your emotions and your moods. This will in turn have a positive effect on those around you.

Wellbeing journey

The guide will take you on a journey from your own personal wellbeing where you focus on your mind, body and social aspects.  Of course we don't exist in a vacuum and this expands to our families, work and wider community.  Then we reach the different wellbeing behaviours where there are different strategies to help at a practical level.  

Wellbeing journey