Recommendations for General Aviation operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

John FRANKLIN • 25 June 2020
in community General Aviation

Now updated to include the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions in the attachments at the bottom.  

In collaboration with the GA Community a poster has been developed to provide an overview of the measures that can be used to reduce the risk of virus spread and to help keep people safe.

EASA has received a number of positive reactions to the publication of the GA COVID-19 poster and questions on how to disinfect the aircraft. Thank you for that!  More information on disinfection can be found here.

In order to even further disseminate these recommendations, please feel free to translate the poster. Since we want to maintain a common European poster, please send your translation to, so we can check that the information on the poster is consistent and the logos of the partner organisations are maintained corectly.

If you want to use the wording of this poster to create your own document, or for instance use the Health Status Checklist information in a passenger declaration form, please find hereby the text in a WORD version.

If you want to use the versions of the poster provided at the bottom, feel free to download or print and share it with anyone you can.

The main points for the guidelines are:

  • Consider the risk of every flight based on the type of activity and the people involved – then take the appropriate health precautions.
  • Make the Health Status Check that you can find on the poster before every flight – if any of the statements are true then you should not fly.


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Christian Chaix

Hello John,

Thank you and to all involved for this document !
As this is for a public display, is there a plan to translate it in MS languages, for instance like Sunny Swift is ?
I'd be happy to contribute for French.


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