List of Part 147 EASA approved organisations

Dominique Roland • 5 January 2022
in community General Aviation

Our intent is to provide a link to the National Aviation Authorities website pages listing the approved Part 147 organisations. The data should be provided to EASA by the NAA's. This list will be updated on a regular basis. The objective is to help the Part 145 organisations to locate the places where they can get ratings for their staff.

Of course, any GA community member can propose a hyperlink to their NAA website if they know where to find the information!

This list is a first attempt to share the approved organisations between the EASA Member States. EASA only provides the platform to share the available information, but cannot be held responsible for the completeness and revision status of the lists or links as provided by the individual NAA’s. NAA’s are requested to provide on a regular base an update of their lists or links.

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