It is still possible to use aircraft for IR training that do not comply with the PBN requirements?

Alan Filaferro • 16 November 2020
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Dear aviation connoisseurs and geeks, I have a doubt about the possibility to continue to use aircrafts for IR training that do not comply with the PBN requirements. I know that starting August 26th, 2020 (date of applicability of the Reg.EU 539/2016) the aircrafts and FSTDs used by the ATOs for IR practical training and checking shall comply with the PBN requirements. However, I think this does not exclude to use aircrafts, not equipped for PBN operations, for IR training mission that does not rely on GNSS and on routes and approaches other than RNP/RNAV. 

Let me know your thoughts.

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Interesting question, we've been getting a few questions on PBN recently and have an article in the pipeline. In the meantime, I'll see what our EASA experts can tell us.

Domenico Schiavo

Yes it's possible, you can do a PC with only IR helicopter not equipeed PBN. The pilot revalid the rating only IR without PBN part and his privileges will be valid only for IR flight e not RNAV procedures.
Italian Authority ENAC with Information Notice (NI-2020-015) par.4 (italian language):
....Qualora non sia possibile effettuare l'avvicinamento RNP APCH né in volo né al simulatore, i privilegi PBN del pilota non comprenderanno la parte RNP APCH. In questo caso il pilota rinnoverà regolarmente l’abilitazione IR e potrà continuare ad esercitarne i privilegi ma non potrà effettuare avvicinamenti RNP APCH fino a quando non abbia superato il relativo check in volo o al simulatore.


Domenico Schiavo

If it is not possible to make the RNP APCH approach either in flight or in the simulator, the pilot's PBN privileges will not include the RNP APCH part. In this case, the pilot will regularly renew the IR qualification and will be able to continue to exercise the privileges but will not be able to make RNP APCH approaches until he has passed the relevant flight or simulator check.

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