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Basic training

Is it possible to grant a Part-147 approval to a training organisation which intend to conduct only training on one or only several modules?

I have completed a part of my basic training course (including some module examinations) in an approved Part-147 organisation. I’m moving to another country and would like to continue my basic training in a Part-147 organisation located in the country where I move in. Is this possible? What will happen with my certificates? Can I get the maximum reduction of the experience required for the Part-66 licence?

Is it possible to grant a Part-147 approval to a training organisation which intend to conduct only basic knowledge examinations?

Is it possible to grant a Part-147 approval to an organisation applying only for basic knowledge training?

Part-147 approved organisations have the privilege to carry out basic examinations on behalf of the competent authority. Does this imply that the said authority has to supply or approve examination questions?

Type training

Is it possible to perform aircraft type training in two different organisations? Can I do my practical portion of the type training in a Part-145 organisation?

How should the 50% of tasks required for practical training be selected? Should it be 50% of tasks as per glossary (e.g. LOC, FOT, SGH, R/I, etc.)?

What is the minimum duration of the practical element of the aircraft type training?


Can an examination be limited to some modules only, or one module only or part of a module only?

Should examiners be specialists in the subjects, or can they be responsible for the proper conduct of the examination without being responsible for the content?

What is the maximum number of students attending the examination?


Shall a Part-147 approved organisation have a mandatory occurrence reporting system according to Regulation (EU) No 376/2014?

Part-147 approved organisations can also give courses outside the scope of Part-66. Can these courses be certified? (e.g. continuation training for the purpose of the certifying staff privileges as required by M.A.607, 145.A.35 or CAO.A.040, task training, NDT, engine run, HF, SMS, etc.)

How can I become an EASA aircraft maintenance instructor?

Should the Part-147 organisation’s quality system be audited?