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Where can I find guidance on the use of ‘shall’, ‘must’, ‘should’ and ‘may’ in the Agency’s rulemaking publications and generally in EU legislation?

What is the difference between European Community (EC) and European Union (EU) in the regulation reference?

Why has the numbering of the EU regulations changed as of 2015?

What is the definition of an IR, AMC and CS and GM and what differences can be proposed?

Implementing Rules are available in all of the national languages of the EASA Member States. How is the quality of these translations assured? Who is responsible for the translations?

What is the progress of a regulation towards publication?

What is the legal status of documents published during the EASA Rulemaking process such as Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA), Comment Response Document (CRD) or an Opinion? Can they be used if there is no EU rule available?

What is the comitology procedure?

What does 'Cover’ Regulation mean?

Can the information provided in EASA's FAQ be considered legally binding?