Bilateral Agreement (BASA) - related to Continuing Airworthiness

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When do I need a dual release on FAA Form 8130-3 under EU/US bilateral agreement?

Can I import a rebuilt engine and associated components from US?

What does it mean ‘a release document issued by an organisation under the terms of a bilateral agreement signed by the European Union’ referred in AMC1 M.A.501(a)(1)/AMC1 145.A.42(a)(i)/AMC1 ML.A.501(a)(ii)?

What kind of release document is considered equivalent to an EASA Form 1 under the terms of the US-EU Bilateral safety agreement? (AMC1 M.A.501(a)(1)/AMC1 145.A.42(a)(i)/AMC1 ML.A.501(a)(ii)/AMC1 CAO.A.070(a))

What are the component release documents acceptable for installing a component (on aircraft or on a higher assembly) and releasing associated maintenance under EASA Part-145 regulation?