First D4S General assembly

D4S group

EASA’s Data4Safety (D4S) initiative has been built as a voluntary and collaborative partnership between EASA, the EASA Members States and the Aviation Industry to make the most of the available aviation intelligence to identify and manage safety risks at European level. It also supports data-driven changes in the fields of aviation safety and sustainability.

Today saw an important step in the Development Phase of Data4Safety (D4S). The first D4S General assembly was been held in Cologne, bringing together all D4S members to review the progress of work, the safety topic use cases and also the selection of the Big Data and Data Science provider. The assembly also saw the formal adoption of the first expansion wave that added 12 National Aviation Authorities, 8 airlines and 8 ANSPs to the founder members.

D4S also strengthened the involvement of the industry’s professional representatives with IFATCA becoming the second organisation representing the aviation workforce after ECA.

Many more have indicated they also would like to join and we will come back to them as soon as we can. Eventually the programme aims to include the entire European aviation community. You can find out more about the D4S initiative on the Data4Safety web page.