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Reporting by Multiple Certificate Holders


Key Points:  If an organisation has more than one certificate with the same competent authority it is possible to send just one report for all certificates rather than have to provide multiple reports.  The sending single reports should be agreed with the competent authority and organisations should identify a focal point for reporting that covers all certificates.  

Why is this important?  Occurrence reporting is complicated enough without requiring organisations with multiple certificates to send multiple reports to the same authority.  This just adds to the workload for minimal additional benefits.  This articles highlights ways to simplify the reporting processes in such situations.  

Reporting by Multiple Certificate Holders
Where an organisation holds one or more additional organisation certificates within the scope of
Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 organisations are able to establish an integrated occurrence reporting
System that cover all the certificate(s) held.  This guidance helps such organisations to understand their responsibilities and how they can discharge them as easily as possible.  

When Single Reports Should be Provided for Individual Occurrences
Single reports for occurrences should only be provided if the following conditions are met:

  • The report includes all relevant information from the perspective of the different certificates held by the organisation.
  • The report provides information on all the relevant specific mandatory data fields and clearly identifies all certificate holders for which the report is made. 
  • All certificates have the same competent authority that authority has agreed to single reports being provide for all certificates.  

Assigning Responsibilities within an Organisation
The organisation should assign responsibility for reporting to one or more suitably qualified persons who have clearly defined authority for coordinating action on occurrences and for initiating any necessary further investigation and follow-up activity.

If more than one person is assigned this responsibility, the organisation should identify a single person to act as the main focal point for ensuring a single reporting channel is established to the accountable manager. This should in particular apply to organisations holding one or more additional organisation certificates within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 where the occurrence reporting system is fully integrated with that required under the other certificate(s) held.

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