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Nutrition ORO.FTL.240: Are nutrition provisions subject to a specific NAA's approval and can they be documented elsewhere in the OM-A, not necessarily Chapter 7.


Nutrition is part of the operator’s individual flight time specification scheme (IFTSS) which is subject to approval by the competent authority under ARO.OPS.235 (a).

Chapter 7 of the OM-A is the place where the operator describes its IFTSS. Nutrition opportunities during duty periods are therefore to be included under that Chapter.

In cases where nutrition provisions are documented elsewhere in the OM-A, the operator should provide references in Chapter 7 to those nutrition provisions to enable aircrew to easily trace and read about the applicable nutrition arrangements. Irrespective of the place where nutrition opportunities are described in detail, they are part of the IFTSS and subject to NAA’s approval.

IFTSS is customised to the operator’s specific operating conditions e.g. routes and airports served, specific rest requirements and duty length. The later in turn impacts nutrition opportunities – timing, duration and other arrangements.

The content of the OM need be presented in a form that can be used without difficulty by cre members. The same applies to the operator’s IFTSS.

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