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Do additional equipment for HEC (ropes, harnesses) now require an airworthiness approval?


Reference: AMC1 SPO.SPEC.HEC.100
AMC3 27.865; AMC3 29.865
The deletion of paragraph (c)(3) of AMC1 SPO.SPEC.HEC.100 was made in anticipation of a change in SPO.SPEC.HEC.105, as proposed in Opinion 04/2017. Paragraph (c)(3) was identical to the current paragraph (c)(3) of AMC1 SPO.SPEC.HESLO.100. 
The proposed changes in the rules are consistent with the current certification memorandum on Personnel carrying device systems (PCDS) and also consistent with the latest amendments to CS 27/29, by not requiring airworthiness approvals for simple PCDS. 
Ropes, nets and harnesses may still be manufactured according to officially recognised standards. The acceptable means of compliance no longer explicitly says so, but the situation hasn’t changed. 
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