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Delayed reporting CS FTL.1.205(d)(1)(iii): Why does delayed reporting with a delay of less than 4 hours not account for the WOCL? Is there any scientific evidence for this?


There is no scientific evidence, on the basis of which a delay of less than 4 hours does not take the WOCL into account.
In any case, operator’s procedures on delayed reporting should avoid or minimise the negative effect of WOCL encroachment.
Importantly, the maximum FDP will never become longer due to a delayed reporting time:
  • If the delay is less than 4 hours – the maximum FDP as originally planned, remains the same. 
  • If the delay is more than 4 hours – the maximum FDP will be shorter than the originally planned FDP, because the delayed reporting time has a limiting effect on it.
Procedures for delayed reporting must be described in the OM, including a notification time that allows the crew member to continue his/her rest when the delayed reporting procedure is activated. 
A delayed reporting procedure may be triggered by the operator, while the crew member is still at home or in the suitable accommodation facility, when prior to the beginning of a flight duty period an unforeseen event occurs which will delay the planned flight departure.
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