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How to get the list of deviations that one can use for a specific ETSO?


Deviations of other applicants can be reused in an application for ESTO Authorisation, provided an equivalent level of safety can also be provided with your design. To find all the deviations that can be reused, one has to look at two different locations, depending on the date of approval of the deviation. For deviations first used in an Authorisation before January 1, 2013 consult the list of approved deviations.

For all other deviations a search function is provided.

To limit the displayed deviation to a specific ETSO enter the ETSO number in the field named search and click on Apply.

To limit the display to deviations for which the consultation ended during a specific period, select the start date and the end date in the calendars that pop up, when you click in the fields named Start date and/or End date. It is important to select every time the day of the month in a popped up calendar before you click on Apply, because otherwise the date will not be updated for the following search.


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