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Which operators have to establish and maintain dangerous goods training programmes? Which training programmes should be approved by the authority?


The rule reference is ORO.GEN.110 (j). All operators subject to ORO.GEN.005 must establish and maintain dg training programmes in all cases. The approval, however, is only necessary if:

  • It is a CAT operation
  • The operator is transporting dangerous goods and performing:
    • Commercial specialised operations:
    • Non-commercial operations with complex motor-powered aircraft; or
    • Non-commercial specialised operations with complex motor-powered aircraft.

There is also an alleviation in ORO.GEN.110 (k) for operators of sailplanes, balloons, and certain single-engined propeller-driven airplanes and single-engined other-than motor-powered helicopters of 5700 Kg or less of MCTM and an MOPSC of 5 or less operating in a flight taking off and landing at the same aerodrome/operating site under VFR by day, where the requirement is that operators shall ensure that the flight crew has received an appropriate training or briefing to enable them to recognise undeclared dangerous goods brought on-board by passengers or as cargo (refer to the rule for more information).

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