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Can a DOA Holder replace pages of an approved Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)? Which constraints should be kept in mind?


With new privilege 21.A.263(c)(4) published in Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012, DOA Holders can now approve revisions affecting the approved sections of the AFM. This privilege is not an EASA ‘delegation’, but a right given to DOA Holders. Consequently, the statement “EASA approved” traditionally shown on each page of the AFM shall be deleted or replace by a statement “Approved” in pages revised and approved by the DOA Holder. The AFM log of revisions shall indicate who has approved each revision, whether EASA or one DOA Holder. Supplements to the AFM proposed as part of an STC will remain EASA approved.

For non-TC holders, the publication of a revision to an AFM is only possible as a supplement.

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