FAQ n.20135

Can I, as DOA holder, approve a permanent minor repair design as a revision of the same repair dossier which was initially approved as a temporary minor repair solution?


A permanent minor repair design could be a revision of an initial temporary/time limited minor repair design, provided that the permanent repair would be similar to the temporary repair design. Aspects to be considered are:

  • The classification of the permanent repair design shall not be different from the classification of the temporary repair.
  • The limitations associated to the temporary repair design should be updated and/or removed through the permanent repair design.
  • It shall be clearly marked on the design data whether it concerns the temporary repair design or the permanent repair design.
  • Any additional compliance demonstration activities shall be added to the design data for the permanent repair design.
  • New / updated repair instructions shall be issued for the permanent repair design.
  • Documentary traceability of both the temporary repair design and the permanent repair design shall be kept and ensured.
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