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What are the expectations of the Agency in respect to the appointment of CVEs?


The Agency expects the DOA Holder, first of all, to:

  • properly define the CVE function (Independent Checking Functions) and associated responsibilities:
    • Approval by signing of all compliance documents, including test programmes and data, necessary for the verification of compliance with the applicable CS and environmental protection requirements as defined in Type Investigation programme;
    • Approval of the technical content (completeness, technical accuracy...), including any subsequent revisions, of the manuals approved by the Agency (Aircraft Flight Manual, the Airworthiness Limitations section of the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness and the Certification Maintenance Requirements (CMR) document, where applicable).
  • ensure appropriate level of independency, meaning that the CVE must not be involved in the creation of the compliance data.

To put in place procedures covering, as a minimum, the following:

  • Role Description
    • tasks and responsibilities
  • Independence
    • signatory flow (to be properly defined)
    • design engineer/ CVE ratio and quantity (all relevant technical fields have to be covered by design and compliance verification engineers)
    • availability provisions
    • use of external CVEs
  • Nomination and Training
    • selection/ nomination process flow
    • selection/ nomination team and process when the DO has already competence for the technical field in house;
    • selection/ nomination team and process when the DO has no competence for the technical field in house;
    • minimum nomination/qualification criteria are to be defined
    • scope of authorisation
    • provisions for records (records to be produced by the DO for the nomination of a CVE)
    • evidence that the nominated CVE has accepted the role
    • training policy
  • External CVEs
    • DO Interface Document or equivalent
  • Provisions to maintain the Approval as CVE.


  • During the Initial Investigation Process (before the Design Organisation Approval is granted) the CVEs must have been properly authorised internally under the appropriate procedures prior to the competence assessment by the Agency.
  • The results of the assessments of competence are used by the DOA Team to determine compliance or non-compliance of the Design Organisation with 21A.243(d) and 21A.245(a), they do not constitute an approval or rejection of the individual.
  • During the Surveillance process the DOA is expected to nominate the CVEs, within the approved Scope of Approval, according to the appropriate procedures. Therefore the DOA is not requested to notify the Agency but to provide this information during regular surveillance activities.
  • In case of a Significant Change to extend the Scope of Approval, the DOA must notify the Agency and proceed according to the appropriate procedures.

For further details please refer to the presentation Independent Checking Function Assessment.

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