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Our operation is currently subject to an operating ban in accordance with the EU Air Safety List (Reg. (EC) No 2111/2005). Can we nevertheless apply for a TCO authorisation?


Operators that are subject to an operating ban or restriction in accordance with Reg. (EC) No 2111/2005 are eligible to apply for a TCO authorisation. The authorisation process will require an audit to be performed at the operational premises of the operator. Once EASA has finished its assessment, it will present the results to the European Commission for consideration. EASA cannot issue an authorisation until the European Commission has lifted the operating ban under the Air Safety List Regulation (EC) No 2111/2005. Note: When the operator is subject to an operating ban due to the State of the Operator not performing adequate oversight, EASA must coordinate with the European Commission before processing the application for a TCO authorisation (ART.205).

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